Load Capacity:121.3 lb (55 kg)
Trim Ring:No
Bowl Diameter/Thread:Sachtler/Vinten flange
Steering Ring Diameter:4.9'' (12.5 cm)
Doorway Tracking Width:34.0'' (86.4 cm)
Wheel Diameter:5.0'' (12.7 cm)
Wheel Lock:Yes
Cable Guards:Yes
Dimensions (Height):Min: 28.15'' (71.5 cm)
Max: 61.8'' (157 cm)
Weight:36.4 lb (16.5 kg)

・Built-in pressure gauge on column for perfect balance
・Redesigned steering wheel for better ergonomics
・QuickFix coupling for rapid secure fluid head mounting

The Sachtler's Pedestal C III with Dolly XL was designed with ease-of-setup in mind. The off-center leg clamps on the dolly make assembly on location a snap. The fluid head can be mounted in a matter of seconds using Sachtler's robust QuickFix coupling. Correct air pressure in the column is a simple matter using the built-in pressure gauge which is also useful while air charging with the pump. Make no compromises and take it with you- the Pedestal C III does this with ease and grace.
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ザハトラー/Sachtler 5195 Pedestal C III with Dolly XL 5195/三脚/カメラ/camera/アクセサリー SCPC3

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